Because education is the gateway to the future, CP ALL provides equal opportunities for children and youth to have access to quality education and the skills development. They need to be an important force in the development of the country. The company believes that quality basic education (Quality Basic Education) is a factor that opens up opportunities for the advancement of people in society and drive the country towards a better future. However, the company recognizes the problem and the important of providing access to quality education and upgrade education, therefore jointly develop society delivering knowledge through innovative technology and promote learning in a variety of ways.

Encourage youth to be

“smart, good people”

to become a major force in the country in the future

The company believes that providing education opportunities can create better career and quality of life opportunities for people in society.

Therefore, projects and cooperate with various agencies to support the establishment of educational institutions. And give scholarships to children and youth through a learning model along with work-based education by CP ALL and Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM). An educational institution managed by CP ALL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED offers educational opportunities to student from the Kingdom of Cambodia. It has been a total of over 200 scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degrees from 2015 to date to produce quality graduates and increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace.