Cookies Notice

Cookies Notice

1. What Are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small text files downloaded onto your computers or mobile device. The purpose of which is to store the various information and settings, such as   recording information of language setting in browser  on your devices,   recording your current access status so that  you can access the website or application (collectively, the“services”) uninterrupted including collecting information on history of visited websites of your preference in the form of file. On this basis, a cookie does not pose a danger to your device and the content in the cookie may only be viewed or read via website which created only. 

2. How Does the Company Use Cookies? 

The Company uses cookies and other similar technologies for the following purposes: 

To memorize your browser data and settings, facilitate your ongoing use of website services and improve your experience and satisfaction with these services. 

To assess website efficiency and results from website services which remain poor and need improvement. 

To collect and analyze website visits and service utilization data in order to help the Company understand peoples’ interests and how the Company services are used.  

To enable the Company to deliver better website service experiences to you and help it deliver services and   advertisements that meet your interests.

3. What Cookies are used by the Company? 

The Company website uses its own cookies (first party cookies) and third-party cookies determined and set by   outside service providers such as external companies whose services are used by the Company in order to enhance the   Company website’s working properties. 

Cookies used by the Company may be divided into the following two types based on storage: 

Session cookies are temporary cookies to remember when you visit the Company website. For example, session cookies monitor your language settings and selections, etc. Session cookies are deleted from your computer or device when you leave a website or turn off your web browser. 

Persistent cookies are cookies that remain for a specified period or until you delete them. This type of cookie enables the Company website to remember you and your settings when you return to use the website’s services in order to facilitate your use of its services.

      Based on the purposes for using cookies, the Company uses the following four types of cookies: 

      1. Strictly Necessary Cookies, This type of cookie is necessary for service provision via the Company website to allow you to use website functions in addition to remembering data provided by you via the website. Ending the use of this type of cookies will prevent you from using main the Company services that need cookies. So, you will not to disable this type of cookie. 

      2. Performance Cookies, This type of cookie enables the Company to view user interactions when using the Company website services, including preferences for any page or area of the website including data analysis in other areas. The Company also uses this data to improve website performance and to understand user behavior. However, data collected by performance cookies cannot identify users and are used only for statistical analysis. Turning off this type of cookies will prevent the Company from knowing the number of website visitors and prevent the Company from analyzing service quality. 

      3. Functional Cookies, This type of cookie enables the Company website to remember your settings and help the website to deliver additional properties and content to suit your uses. For example, functional cookies remember your user account or changes to font sizes or other page settings that you can modify. Turning off this type of cookies may prevent the website from functioning completely. 

      4.  Targeting Cookies, This type of cookie is from connections to third party websites that collect data on uses and websites visited by you to present goods or services on other non-the Company websites. Turning off this type of cookie will have no effects on the use of the Company website. However, this may cause the presentation of goods or services on other websites to be inconsistent with your interests.

      As stated above, The Company services may be provided on separate websites. Therefore, each website may have different types of cookies based on suitability and needs in providing that service. The Company will display information with details of each type of cookie including the names of cookies used on the first webpage of each service on banner messages informing you about the use of cookies in addition to providing links (settings) for you to click and read details on each type of cookie used on that service.

4. Cookies Setting 

You may choose either to enable or disable each type of cookie, except for Strictly Necessary Cookies, by “Cookie Settings” or you can disable the cookies through your browser by following these methods 

     Google Chrome:



     Internet Explorer:

    Microsoft Edge:

    However, the disabling of Cookies may cause the use of the website inefficient.

5. Connections to Websites of Outside Parties 

The Company website may have links connected to websites or social media belonging to outside parties and may have  embedded content or videos from social media such as Facebook ,YouTube etc., in order to help you access content and  interact with other people on social media from the Company website. Websites or social media belonging to outside parties have cookie settings which the Company cannot control and is not liable for. The Company advises you to read   and study the cookie policies or announcements of those outside parties. 

6. Changes to This Announcement 

This announcement may be revised occasionally for suitability and consistency with situations that may have potential   changes. The Company will announce revisions on this website.  

7. Contact the Company

If you have questions or concerns regarding this announcement, exercising your rights or having reasonable to believe that the electronic data has been misused. The Company can be contacted at the following address:  

CP ALL LAOS COMPANY LIMITED  DATA MANAGER  602 Khum Pheng Muang Road, Unit 34, Phothanneua Village, Xaysettha District, Vientiane, Lao PDR E-mail address: